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META'10 Net-grid Subwavelength Gratings as Reflectors for Resonant Cavity Enhanced Photodetectors Abstract
Yisu Yang, Yongqing Huang, Xiaomin Ren
META'10 Acoustical wave phenomena - Extraordinary transmission, beaming and subwavelength imaging Abstract
Johan Christensen
META'10 New application to microstrip antennas with bianisotropic substrate Abstract
Humberto Cesar Chaves Fernandes, Marinaldo Pinheiro Sousa Neto
META'10 Microstrip Antenna with EBG/PBG substrate Abstract
Humberto Cesar Chaves Fernandes, João Kleber Lima Araújo
META'10 Multilayer Antenna with Metamaterial Using a Full Wave Analysis Abstract
Humberto Cesar Chaves Fernandes, Roberto Ranniere Cavalcante França
META'10 Effective optical response of metamaterials Abstract
Bernardo Mendoza, G. Ortiz, B. Martinez, L. Mochan
META'10 Minimization of fluctuation of the signal beam in the nonlinear optical media with a reflection grating Abstract
Mahendra Kumar Maurya
META'10 Optical Memory Made of Photonic Crystal Working over the C-Band of ITU Abstract
Sergio Bezerra Sombra
META'10 Polarimetric Scattering from a Layer of Random Metamaterial Spheroids Abstract
Ya-Qiu Jin, Hongxia Ye
META'10 Optical Properties of one-Dimensional HTcSc-Dielectric Photonic Crystals Abstract
Arafa Hussien Aly
META'10 Optical switching in a metamaterial dual-core fiber couplers with positive and negative-index materials Abstract
Sergio Bezerra Sombra
META'10 Possible application of ultra cold plasmas as tunable metamaterials for microwave Abstract
Rajneesh Kumar
META'10 Broadband filters based on OSRR and OCSRR balanced composite right/left handed transmission lines Abstract
Miguel Durán-Sindreu, Adolfo Vélez, Jordi Bonache, Ferran Martín
META'10 Dual Mode Composite Right-Left handed Unit Cells Abstract
Amr M. E. Safwat
META'10 Direct experimental optical characterization of metamaterials. Abstract
Ekaterina Pshenay-Severin
META'10 One-dimensional photonic superlattices containing a metamaterial: electric/magnetic plasmon polaritons and absorption effects Abstract
D. Mogilevtsev, E. Reyes-Gómez, S. B. Cavalcanti, C. A. A. de Carvalho, Luiz E. Oliveira
META'10 Metamaterial-inspired Engineering of Radiating and Scattering Systems Abstract
Richard W. Ziolkowski
META'10 Metamaterial-inspired Engineering of Antenna Systems Abstract
Richard W. Ziolkowski, Peng Jin, Chia-Ching Lin
META'10 Progress on CRLH Metamaterials Based on Dielectric Resonators Abstract
Tatsuo Itoh, Tetsuya Ueda
META'10 Complementary-Split-Ring-Resonators-based surface plasmons Abstract
Miguel Navarro-Cia, Spyros Agrafiotis, Miguel Beruete, Francisco Falcone, Mario Sorolla, Stefan A Maier
META'10 Tunable THz Range Transmission in Metallic Hole Array Abstract
Yalin Lu
META'10 Design of tapered 1D leaky- waveguides using FSS and HIS for synthesis of radiation diagrams and focusing patterns Abstract
META'10 All-dielectric Metamaterials for Patch Antenna Gain Enhancement Abstract
Rasoul Alaee, Kaveh Moussakhani
META'10 Omega-shaped Stereometamaterials Abstract
Rasoul Alaee, Kaveh Moussakhani
META'10 Design and Fabrication of a Midinfrared Photonic Crystal Defect Cavity in Indium Antimonide Abstract
Martin Cryan, Jon Pugh, Daniel Y-L Ho, Peter J Heard, Geoff Nash, Tim Ashley, John Rarity
META'10 Extraordinary-Transmission-based devices Abstract
Mario Sorolla, Miguel Beruete, Miguel Navarro-Cia, Francisco Falcone, Igor Campillo, Sergei A Kuznetsov
META'10 Plasmonic sensing of surface phonon-polaritons Abstract
Frank Neubrech, Annemarie Pucci, Daniel Weber, Jörg Bochterle, Dominik Enders, Tadaaki Nagao
META'10 Input Impedance Matching Technique for FPR High Gain Antenna Abstract
Dong Hyun Lee, Joonho Byun, Austin S Kim
META'10 Designing a GaAs Photonic Crystals narrow band filter Abstract
META'10 Solitons Solutions For Surface acoustic waves and Gap Photonic Antennae Abstract
Boris Lukiyanchuk, Chong Tow Chong, Liping Shi
META'10 Dual-band microwave duplexer based on metamaterial concepts Abstract
Adolfo Velez
META'10 Analysis of a Periodically Loaded Transmission Line with Position-Modulated Loads Abstract
Enas S. Sakr, Islam A. Eshrah
META'10 Polarized InGaN light-emitting diodes by sub-wavelength metallic nanograting Abstract
Liang Zhang
META'10 Investigation of backward-wave propagation on LHM Split Ring Resonators Abstract
hakeim talleb, Zine Edinne Djeffal, David Lautru, Victor Fouad Hanna
META'10 Wideband compact EBG structures with magneto-dielectric materials for low-profile wire antennas Abstract
Mahdi Arghiani, Amir Reza Attari
META'10 Sensitivity enhancement in optical waveguide sensors using metamaterials Abstract
Sofyan Abd El-Rahman Taya, Mohammed M Shabat
META'10 New concepts in spoof surface plasmon polariton metamaterials Abstract
Stefan A Maier
META'10 Dark modes and Fano resonances in individual plasmonic nanostructures Abstract
Stefan A Maier
META'10 Electromagnetic wave diffraction by array of complex-shaped metal elements placed on magnetized ferrite slab Abstract
Sergey Prosvirnin, Victor Dmitriev
META'10 Wideband FSS for Electromagnetic Architecture in Buildings Abstract
Benito Sanz-Izquierdo, Edward Parker, Jean-Baptiste Robertson, John Batchelor
META'10 Rectangular Patch Antennas over Electromagnetic Band Gap Structure Abstract
Nihal Fayze
META'10 Photonic crystals created by the imaginary part of refractive index Abstract
Yikun Liu, Bing Liang, Juntao Li, Peiqing Zhang, JianYing Zhou, Sergey O Klimonsky, Alexander Slesarev, Yuri D Tretyakov, Liam O’Faolain, Thomas F Krauss
META'10 Anisotropic disorder in optical metamaterials Abstract
Christian Helgert, Carsten Rockstuhl, Benny Walther, Arkadi Chipouline, Christoph Etrich, Ernst-Bernhard Kley, Falk Lederer, Thomas Pertsch
META'10 A new model of dispersion for metals leading to a more accurate modeling of plasmonic structures using the FDTD method Abstract
Alexandre Vial, Thierry Laroche
META'10 Spatial Solitons in Periodic Nano-Structures Abstract
Andrey Gorbach
META'10 Nonlinear-optical metamirror Abstract
Alexander K Popov, Sergey A. Myslivets
META'10 nomalous reflection in metallic structures with subwavelength grooves: a circuit theory model Abstract
Francisco Medina, Francisco Mesa, Diana Skigin
META'10 Pattern formation, dissipative localized structures and spectral narrowing of amplified surface plasmons near the lasing threshold Abstract
Andrey Gorbach, Dmitry Skryabin, Andrea Marini, Anatoly Zayats
META'10 Broadband Exterior Cloaking Abstract
Graeme Walter Milton
META'10 Numerical analysis of 2D tunable HIS on GaAs support Abstract
Ladislau Matekovits, Michael Heimlich, Karu Esselle
META'10 Characteristics of multilayer slab waveguide structure with a double negativity material Abstract
Mohammed Musa Shabat, Sofyan A. Taya, Mazen M. Abadla
META'10 Investigation of magneto-dielectric thin films as substrate for high Abstract
François GRANGE, Christophe DELAVEAUD, Kouroch MAHDJOUBI
META'10 Effect of Temperature Variation on the Performance of Liquid-Filled Photonic Bandgap Fiber Abstract
Abdul hadi Mutasher Al-Janabi
META'10 Control of near-field radiative heat transfer via surface phonon-polaritons coupling in thin films Abstract
Mathieu Francouer, M. P. Menguc, Rodolphe Vaillon
META'10 Enhanced broadband optical transmission in metallized woodpiles Abstract
Radu Malureanu
META'10 Zero-Reflection Metal Slabs: A Mechanism of Light Tunneling in Matematerials Abstract
Qianggui Du, Haitao Jiang, Zhanshan Wang, hong chen
META'10 Application of the McCutchen theorem to image-forming metamaterial slabs Abstract
Carlos Javier Zapata-Rodriguez, Juan Jose Miret
META'10 The Physics of Light Transmission through Subwavelength Apertures and Aperture Arrays Abstract
META'10 Tunable plasmons on strechable elastomeric substrates Abstract
Fumin Huang, Robin Cole, Sumeet Mahajan, Jeremy Baumberg
META'10 Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of CdSe quantum dots on nanostructured plasmonic surfaces Abstract
James Hugall, Jeremy Baumberg, Fumin Huang, Sumeet Mahajan
META'10 Engineering SERS via absorption control in novel hybrid Ni/Au nanovoids Abstract
Robin Cole, Sumeet Mahajan, Fumin Huang, Phil Bartlett, Jeremy Baumberg
META'10 Scalable cylindrical metallodielectric metamaterials Abstract
Nick Gibbons, Jeremy Baumberg, Fumin Huang, Mathias Kolle, Ullrich Steiner
META'10 Design of metamaterials with predetermined optical properties for broadband applications Abstract
Anatolii V Goncharenko, Kuan-Ren Chen
META'10 Performance Improvement of Patch-Antenna by Beam Focusing Using Left Handed Metamaterial Perfect Lens Composed of Complementary Split Ring Resonators Abstract
Adel A. A. Abdel-Raheem, Ehab K. I. Hamad
META'10 Frequency-domain simulations of a negative-index material with embedded gain Abstract
Yonatan Sivan, Shumin Xiao, Uday Chettiar, Alexander V Kildishev, Vladimir M Shalaev
META'10 Microwave signal storage in active macrospin magnonic crystals Abstract
Andrei N Slavin, Gennadiy A Melkov, Yuri V Koblyanskiy, Valentyn Novosad, Vasil S Tiberkevich
META'10 Tunable Negative Index of Refraction in Ferrite Based Metamaterial Abstract
Rui-Xin Wu
META'10 Photorealistic depictions of Maxwell’s Fish Eye and other gradient index metamaterials-based objects Abstract
Aaron J. Danner, Ning Xiang
META'10 Omega Media In the Design of NRD Directional Couplers Abstract
António L. Topa, Carlos R. Paiva, Afonso M. Barbosa
META'10 3D electromagnetic imaging of dipole field with silver superlens Abstract
Timo Heikki Hakkarainen
META'10 Large polarization rotation and enhanced transmission of chiral gammadion gratings Abstract
Anni Maria Lehmuskero, Benfeng Bai, Janne Laukkanen, Jari Turunen
META'10 Mie scattering and (ab)normal boundary conditions Abstract
Henrik Wallén, Ismo Lindell, Ari Sihvola
META'10 Antennas and Filters Based on EBG with Hollow Defects Abstract
Irina Khromova, Ramón Gonzalo, Iñigo Ederra, Karu Esselle
META'10 Gold film-terminated 3-dimensional photonic crystals Abstract
Boyang Ding, Martyn Pemble, Alexander Korovin, Ulf Peschel, Sergei G Romanov
META'10 Rayleigh scattering of a metal nanoparticle on a flat dielectric surface Abstract
Lilian Sirbu
META'10 Novel magnetic properties for compact broadband LH metamaterials devices Abstract
Mahmoud Abdalla, Zhirun Hu
META'10 Babinet’s principle and the dispersion of surface waves on complementary patterned metal arrays Abstract
James David Edmunds, Melita Clare Taylor, Alastair Paul Hibbins, John Roy Sambles, Ian J Youngs
META'10 Broad bandwidth transmission through a single metamaterial layer clad in dielectric Abstract
Celia Amy Macklin Butler, John Roy Sambles, Alastair Paul Hibbins, Peter Allen Hobson
META'10 Enhancement and stabilization of photoluminescence of porous silicon by passivating it with LaF3 Abstract
Abu Bakar Md. Ismail, Sinthia Shabnam Mou
META'10 Extraordinary transmission through subwavelength slits and role of surface plasmon polaritons Abstract
Viktoriia Evgenivna Babicheva, Yurii Lozovik
META'10 TM scattering by a perfect electromagnetic conducting strip Abstract
abdulkadir hamid
META'10 Planar metamaterial sensor based on EIT Abstract
Na Liu
META'10 Thin-film sensing using circular split-ring resonators at mm-wave frequencies Abstract
Amna Elhawil, Johan Stiens, Cathleen De Tandt, Willy Ranson, Roger Vounckx
META'10 Measurements of modal symmetry in subwavelength plasmonic slot waveguides Abstract
Marko Spasenovic, Dries van Oosten, Ewold Verhagen, Laurens Kuipers
META'10 How feasible are effective material parameters for metamaterials? Abstract
Carsten Rockstuhl, Christoph Menzel, Thomas Paul, Thomas Pertsch, Sergei Tretyakov, Falk Lederer
META'10 Electromagnetic response of a slit diffraction grating embedded in a dielectric slab via an equivalent circuit model Abstract
Francisco Mesa
META'10 Bandwidth of transformation electromagnetic based devices Abstract
META'10 Plasmonic metamaterials based on metallic nanorod ararys Abstract
Anatoly V Zayats
META'10 Towards phoXonic crystals Abstract
Sarah Benchabane, Said Sadat-Saleh, Fadi Issam Baida, Maria-Pilar Bernal, Vincent Laude
META'10 Homogenization of metamaterials: bulk properties and boundary conditions Abstract
Alexey Vinogradov, Alexander Merzlikin, Constantine Simovsky, Sergey Tretyakov, Said Zouhdi
META'10 CSRR configurations in Stripline Technology Abstract
Jesus Illescas, Aritz Estevez, Antonio marcotegui, Miguel Beruete, Miguel Navarro, Francisco Falcone
META'10 Causality, Negative refraction and Coordinate-free methods. Abstract
Alberto Favaro, Martin W. McCall, Paul Kinsler
META'10 A geometric perspective on omega-like media Abstract
Sérgio Almeida Matos, Carlos Reis Paiva, Afonso Manuel Barbosa
META'10 Point sources for exciting surface plasmons in planar surfaces: inhomogeneous fields for broadening the wave vector spectrum Abstract
Felipe Ramos-Mendieta, Jorge Alberto Gaspar-Armenta, Luis Angel Mayoral-Astorga
META'10 Optical characterization of smooth Ag film by germanium-assisted deposition Abstract
Hong Liu, Eunice Sok Ping Leong, Yun Zong, Guangyuan Si, Jinghua Teng, Stephan A. Maier
META'10 Near-field optical microscopy on oxide-based perfect lenses Abstract
Susanne C. Kehr, Yongmin M. Liu, Lane W. Martin, Xiang Zhang, Lukas M. Eng, Ramamoorthy Ramesh
META'10 The optical characteristics of planar bi-layered metallic prisms Abstract
kenzo yamaguchi
META'10 Source transformations using superellipse equations Abstract
Jeffery Allen, Nathan Kundtz, David Smith
META'10 From surface resonant states to coherent metamaterials Abstract
Hongqiang Li
META'10 Design of an optical hyperlens with metallic nanocylinders Abstract
Alessandro Tuniz, Parry Chen, Simon Fleming, Boris Kuhlmey
META'10 Electron-phonon thermal processes in phononic crystals Abstract
Patrick Hopkins
META'10 Wave transformation in plasma sphere after its instant formation Abstract
Alexander Nerukh
META'10 Scattering by a nihility elliptic cylinder Abstract
abdulkadir hamid
META'10 Surface-enhanced Raman scattering of gold nanostructures: role of dipolar and multipolar localized surface plasmons Abstract
Marc Lamy de la Chapelle
META'10 Invariant imbedding theory of electromagnetic wave propagation in inhomogeneous stratified media Abstract
Kihong Kim, Duy Khuong Phung, Fabian Rotermund, Hanjo Lim
META'10 Imaging of surface plasmon polariton interference using phase-sensitive Photon Scanning Tunneling Microscope Abstract
Jincy Jose, Frans Segerink, Jeroen Korterik, Jennifer Herek, Herman Offerhaus
META'10 Surface plasmon enhanced emission from InGaAs quantum wells by nano-patterned metal dots Abstract
Ning Xiang
META'10 Nearly ideal polarization rotator of metamaterial composite Abstract
Masanobu Iwanaga
META'10 Subwavelength electromagnetic near-field imaging of point dipole with metamaterial nanoslab Abstract
Timo Hakkarainen, Tero Setälä, Ari Tapio Friberg
META'10 Normalized characteristics of the photonic bandgaps in two-dimensional photonic quasicrystals with a 8-fold(or square) lattice by FDTD simulation Abstract
Jong-Bin Yeo, Woo-Sik Lim, Hyun-Yong Lee
META'10 Corner modes and edge modes on surface plasmon polariton waveguides having right-angle metallic corners Abstract
Hung-chun Chang, Jia-jheng Lin, Wan-ju Tseng
META'10 Experimental Study of Coherent Magnetic Plasmon Modes in a One-dimensional Meta-chain Abstract
Hui Liu
META'10 Second Harmonic Generation from a single gold nanoparticle Abstract
Jeremy Butet, Julien Duboisset, Guillaume Bachelier, Isabelle Russier-Antoine, Emmanuel Benichou, Christian Jonin, Pierre-François Brevet
META'10 High-order harmonic generation by plasmon field enhancement Abstract
Joachim Herrmann, Anton Husakou, Song Jin Im
META'10 Plasmonic Dicke effect Abstract
Tigran V. Shahbazyan, Vitaliy N. Pustovit
META'10 Photonic Tamm structures utilizing Au sponges: fabrication and optical responses Abstract
Kohei Kawasaki, Alexander Baryshev, Taichi Goto, Mitsuteru Inoue
META'10 Polarization-sensitive Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering Abstract
Pietro Giuseppe Gucciardi, Francesco Bonaccorso, Manuel Lopes, Dominique Barchiesi, Regis Déturche, Marc Lamy de La Chapelle, Alexandre Merlen, Jean - Christophe Valmalette, Gennaro Picardi, Alexandre Frigout, Razvigor Ossikovski
META'10 Object-dependent cloaking in the first-order Born approximation Abstract
Tero Setala, Timo Hakkarainen, Ari Friberg, Bernhard Hoenders
META'10 Topological phase transition in photonic analog of graphene Abstract
Tetsuyuki Ochiai
META'10 Enhanced quantum dot emission in a unidirectional photonic crystal waveguide Abstract
Samuel James Dewhurst, Daniel Granados, David J P Ellis, Anthony J Bennett, Raj B Patel, Ian Farrer, David Anderson, Geb A C Jones, David A Ritchie, Andrew J Shields
META'10 Exciting Tunable Dark Resonances in Plasmonic Nano-Crosses Abstract
Niels Verellen, Pol Van Dorpe, Guy A. E. Vandenbosch, Victor V. Moshchalkov
META'10 Intrinsic noise in plasmonic and metamaterial media Abstract
Zoran Jaksic, Jovan Matovic
META'10 Fabrication of photonic (quasi-)crystals by nano sphere multiple exposure lithography method. Abstract
Jong-Bin Yeo, Hyun-Yong Lee
META'10 Electromagnetic Field Distributions Modified by Composite Structures Containing Single Negative Metamaterials Abstract
Yunhui Li, Yaqiong Ding, Tuanhui Feng, Haitao Jiang, Hong Chen
META'10 Strongly polarized emission in Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering of randomly distributed molecules on gold nanowires Abstract
B Fazio, P. G. Gucciardi, F. Bonaccorso, C. Vasi, M. Allegrini, A. Toma, D. Chiappe, F. Buatier de Mongeot
META'10 Plasmonic Crystal Waveguides Abstract
Slobodan Momcilo Vukovic, Zoran Jaksic, Ilya V Shadrivov, Yuri S Kivshar
META'10 Advanced Passive Microwave Devices Based on Metamaterial Transmission Lines Abstract
Dmitry Kholodnyak, Polina Kapitanova, Irina Munina, Kirill Zemlyakov, Vyacheslav Turgaliev, Irina Vendik
META'10 Characterization of single nanoparticles with highly focused polarization tailored light beams Abstract
Thomas Bauer, Peter Banzer, Ulf Peschel, Gerd Leuchs
META'10 Planar double-periodic structures with trapped light Abstract
Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Khardikov, Ekaterina Olegovna Iarko, Sergey Leonidovich Prosvirnin
META'10 Control of Photonic Crystal coupled cavities Abstract
Silvia Vignolini, Francesca Intonti, Francesco Riboli, Diederik Sybolt Wiersma, Laurent Balet, Lianhe H. Li, Marco Francardi, Annamaria Gerardino, Andrea Fiore, Massimo Gurioli
META'10 A novel subwavelength plasmon polariton optical filter based on tilted coupled structures Abstract
Lorena Orsoni Diniz, Euclydes Marega, Jr., Ben-Hur Viana Borges
META'10 A Novel Printed Antenna with One-Dimensional EBG Structure for Eliminating the Ground Image Current of a Laptop Computer Abstract
Shyh-Jong Chung, Ching-Wei Ling, Tzu-Hsien Yang
META'10 Invisibility and illusion with superlenses Abstract
André Nicolet, Frédéric Zolla
META'10 Reducing backscattering cross section of an electrically large sphere with metamaterial coating Abstract
Maysam Haghparast, Mohhamad Sadegh Abrishamian
META'10 Palladium sub-wavelength hole arrays for hydrogen sensing Abstract
Etsuo Maeda, Sho Mikuriya, Masaki Shuzo, Ichiro Yamada, Jean-Jacques Delaunay
META'10 Tuned Trapped Mode on an Asymmetric Planar Metamaterial Abstract
Abdelwaheb OURIR, Redha Abdeddaim, Julien de Rosny
META'10 Confined modes of self-standing and supported particle arrays Abstract
Xesus Manoel Bendana Sueiro, Francisco Javier García de Abajo
META'10 Steerable Vivaldi antenna Using Tunable Metamaterial Abstract
Redha Abdeddaim, Abdelwaheb OURIR, Julien de Rosny
META'10 Rigorous surface polarizability models for oblique incidence on metamaterial mono-layers Abstract
Alexandros I. Dimitriadis, Dimitrios L. Sounas, Nikolaos V. Kantartzis, Theodoros D. Tsiboukis
META'10 Special setup for microwave metamaterial measurements Abstract
Igor Anatolievich Karpov, Mikhail Trunin
META'10 Metamaterial Antenna for Triband Wireless Applications Abstract
prabahar anandhimeena
META'10 Near-field observation of the optical properties in higher order plasmonic resonances Abstract
Chen-Han Huang, Hsing-Ying Lin, Yun-Chiang Lan, Chih-Han Chang, Hsiang-Chen Chui
META'10 Coupling of gap plasmons in multi-wire waveguides Abstract
Alejandro Manjavacas, F. Javier Garcia de Abajo
META'10 The effect of titanium adhesion layers on the optical response of split ring resonators Abstract
Basudev Lahiri, Rafal Dylewicz, Scott G McMeekin, Richard M De La Rue, Nigel P Johnson
META'10 Near-Field Scattering by Nanoparticles with Unconventional Scattering Properties Abstract
Braulio García-Cámara, Andreas Kern, Fernando Moreno, Francisco González, Olivier Martin
META'10 Tunable effective permittivity of composites based on ferromagnetic microwires with high magneto-impedance effect Abstract
Mihail Ipatov
META'10 GaAs based high speed optical modulator using surface plasmon resonance Abstract
Arnaud Stolz, Elhadj Dogheche, Didier Decoster
META'10 Localized Nanoscale Heating using Plasmonic Nano-Antennas Abstract
Kursat Sendur, Ali Kosar, Pinar Menguc
META'10 Microwave Metamaterials with Ferromagnetic Microwires Abstract
Larissa Panina
META'10 Cross-Section Measurements of a Metamaterial Cloak Based on Transformation Optics Abstract
Nathan Brion Kundtz, Daniel Gaultney, David R Smith
META'10 Spin-wave propagation in a microstructured magnonic crystal Abstract
Andrii V. Chumak, Philipp Pirro, Alexander A. Serga, Mikhail P. Kostylev, Helmut Schultheiß, Katrin Vogt, Sebastian J. Hermsdörfer, Bert Lägel, Peter A. Beck, Burkard Hillebrands
META'10 Near-field optical imaging of polarization-/distance-dependent plasmon coupling in metal nanoparticle pairs Abstract
Hsing-Ying Lin, Chen-Han Huang, Chih-Han Chang, Yun-Chiang Lan, Hsiang-Chen Chui
META'10 Plasmon-vibration coupling in field-enhanced spectroscopy Abstract
Javier Aizpurua
META'10 Shape-dependent optical enhancement effect of surface-enhanced Raman scattering on gold nanostructure arrays Abstract
Hsing-Ying Lin, Chen-Han Huang, Chi-Yi Liu, Chih-Han Chang, Yun-Chiang Lan, Hsiang-Chen Chui
META'10 Guidance and Leakage Properties of Tellegen H-guides Abstract
João R. Canto, Carlos R. Paiva, Afonso M Barbosa
META'10 Substrateless metamaterials at mid-infrared frequencies Abstract
Francesco Mattioli, Michele Ortolani, Roberto Leoni, Odeta Limaj, Stefano Lupi
META'10 Crystallographic-oriented metal nanowires on semiconductor surface: technology and modelling Abstract
Nicholas L Dmitruk
META'10 3D Photonic Crystals with Embedded Dielectric, Metallic, and Emissive Features for Controlling the Generation and Harvesting of Photons Abstract
Paul Braun
META'10 Bowtie aperture as an electric field nanosensor Abstract
mathieu mivelle
META'10 Experiments on an ultrathin metamaterial with extraordinary low transmission in the visible range Abstract
Sabine Dobmann, Daniel Ploss, Peter Banzer, Ulf Peschel
META'10 Tunable metamaterials: structural approach Abstract
Mikhail Lapine, David A. Powell, Ilya V. Shadrivov, Maxim Gorkunov, Ricardo Marques, Yuri S. Kivshar
META'10 Microstrip Delay Line Implemented by Complementary Split Ring Resonators (CSRRs) Abstract
Sarinya Pasakawee, Mahmoud Abdalla, Zhirun Hu
META'10 Discreteness effects in metamaterial lens Abstract
Mikhail Lapine, Lukas Jelinek, Ricardo Marques, Manuel Freire
META'10 Subwavelength focusing from farfield Abstract
Fabrice Lemoult, Geoffroy Lerosey, Mathias Fink
META'10 Subwavelength nondiffractting beams in multilayered media Abstract
Carlos Javier Zapata-Rodriguez
META'10 Coherent processes in 3D optical metamaterials and metallic photonic crystals Abstract
Harald Giessen, Na Liu, Tobias Utikal, Michael Geiselmann, Markus Lippitz
META'10 Electromagnetic waves refraction on the interface of transparent with absorptive right or left-handed media Abstract
Alexander V Korovin, Nicolas L Dmitruk
META'10 Metal nanoparticle mediated super-resolution in light-matter interaction Abstract
Lukas M. Eng
META'10 Extreme-Angle Broadband Metamaterial Lens Abstract
Nathan Brion Kundtz, David R Smith
META'10 Light Scattering by an Array of Nanoparticles with Electric and Magnetic Properties Abstract
Braulio García-Cámara, Fernando Moreno, Francisco González, Olivier Martin
META'10 Investigation of coupling length in a semi-cylindrical surface plasmonic coupler Abstract
Pouya Dastmalchi, Nosrat Granpayeh, Majid Rasooli
META'10 Probing surface-plasmon modes in noble metal nanoparticles using an electron beam Abstract
Viktor Myroshnychenko, Jaysen Nelayah, Mathieu Kociak, Odile Stéphan, Christian Colliex, Giorgio Adamo, Kevin MacDonald, Nikolay I. Zheludev, Jessica Rodríguez-Fernandez, Enrique Carbó-Argibay, Isabel Pastoriza-Santos, Jorge Pérez-Juste, Luis M. Liz-Marzán, Javier F. García de Abajo
META'10 Planar Superstrate for Dual-frequency RHCP-LHCP Array Abstract
Eduardo Ugarte-Muñoz, Francisco Javier Herraiz-Martínez, Javier Montero-de-Paz, Luis Enrique García-Muñoz, Daniel Segovia-Vargas
META'10 Plasmon enhanced optical trapping of metal nanoparticles: scaling laws and light-driven rotations Abstract
Onofrio M Marago', Rosalba Saija, Ferdinando Borghese, Paolo Denti, Maria Antonia Iati', Philip Hugh Jones, Pietro Giuseppe Gucciardi
META'10 Plasmon enhanced optical trapping in the T-matrix formalism Abstract
Rosalba Saija, Ferdinando Borghese, Paolo Denti, Pietro Giuseppe Gucciardi, Maria Antonia Iati', Onofrio M Marago'
META'10 Active Coated Nano-Particles: Impact of Plasmonic Material Choice Abstract
Samel Arslanagic, Richard W. Ziolkowski
META'10 Amorphous plasmonic metamaterial – coherent neighbor interaction Abstract
Jens Dorfmüller, Worawut Khunsin, Ralf Vogelgesang, Carsten Rockstuhl, Alexandre Dmitriev, Falk Lederer, Klaus Kern
META'10 Resonances and dipole moments in dielectric, magnetic, and magnetodielectric cylinders – an overview Abstract
Samel Arslanagic, Olav Breinbjerg
META'10 Progress in Metal-Dielectric Composite Superlenses Abstract
Mark D. Thoreson, Jieran Fang, Zhengtong Liu, Vladimir P. Drachev, Alexander V. Kildishev, Vladimir M. Shalaev, Alexandra E. Boltasseva
META'10 Surrounding Media Sensitivity in of Hole Arrays and Slit Arrays Abstract
Jacson Weber Menezes, Luis Fernando Avila, Lucila Cescato
META'10 Effective Parameters of Metamaterial Substrate: Analytical and Semi-Analytical Methods Abstract
Anne-Claude tarot
META'10 Modeling of surface plasmon excitation with partially coherent light using elementary field decomposition method Abstract
Heikki J Hyvärinen, Jari Turunen
META'10 Polarization Aspects of Localized Optical Spots beyond the Diffraction Limit Abstract
Erdem Ogut, Kursat Sendur
META'10 Planar Wide-Band 2-D Isotropic Negative Refractive Index Metamaterial Abstract
Nasrin Amiri, Keyvan Forooraghi, Zahra Atlasbaf
META'10 Bulk and localized elastic sagittal waves in phononic crystals: k-dependent polarization Abstract
Felipe Ramos-Mendieta, Betsabe Manzanares-Martínez, Lamberto Castro-Arce
META'10 Detection of Ultra-Short Pulses with a Nanoscale Nanocavity Abstract
Dmitry Yurevich Fedyanin
META'10 Guided waves in integrated optics with the use of metamaterials Abstract
Laurent ARNAUD, Sylvain Blaize, Aurélien Bruyant, Alexandre Vial, Gilles Lérondel
META'10 Finite element modeling of an acoustic cloak for three dimensional flexible shells with structural excitation Abstract
Wael Akl, Tamer Elnady, Adel Elsabbagh, Mostafa Ramadan
META'10 Non-diffractive wave beams of sub-wavelength width in a medium with externally controlled anisotropy Abstract
Alexander A. Serga, Thomas Schneider, Andrii V. Chumak, Christian W. Sandweg, Simon Trudel, Sandra Wolff, Mikhail P. Kostylev, Vasil S. Tiberkevich, Andrei N. Slavin, Burkard Hillebrands
META'10 Programmable density for arbitrary shaped one dimensional acoustic metamaterials Abstract
Wael Akl, Adel Elsabbagh, Amr Baz
META'10 Design and optimization of novel optical low pass filters of a 1D-photonic crystal using TiO2/ SiO2 thin films Abstract
Ehab M. Abdel-Rahman, Khaled A. Beshr, Rami Ghannam, Amr M. Shaarawi
META'10 Effect of Curvature of Metamaterial Inclusions on their Magnetic Properties Abstract
Omar M Ramahi, Ali Kabiri
META'10 Influence of medium nonlinearity on surface plasmon resonance in copper-silica nanocomposite Abstract
Igor Dmitruk, Ivan Blonskyy, Ihor Pavlov, Oleg Yeshchenko, Alexandr Alexeenko, Andriy Dmytruk, Petro Korenyuk, Viktor Kadan
META'10 Computation of Local Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR) in coupled gold and silver nanoparticles with application in Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) Abstract
GUEDJE K. François, Potara Monica, ASTILEAN Simion
META'10 Design of an infrared shield device based on 1D photonic crystal Abstract
Ehab M. Abdel-Rahman, Khaled A. Beshr, Rami Ghannam, Amr M. Shaarawi
META'10 Linear and nonlinear pulse dynamics in scattering by nanowires Abstract
Claudiu Gheorghe Biris, Nicolae Coriolan Panoiu
META'10 Optical properties of plasmonic crystal based on 1D array gold nanowires with dielectric core Abstract
Mariya V Sosnova, Alexander V Korovin, Serg V Mamykin, Nicolas L Dmitruk
META'10 Analytic Theory of Linear Plasmonic Antennas Abstract
Ralf Vogelgesang
META'10 nth Order Rose Curve as a Generic Candidate for RF Artificial Abstract
Omar M Ramahi, Ali Kabiti
META'10 Near-field Subsurface Detection using Metamaterial Inspired Probes Abstract
Omar M Ramahi, Muhammed Boybay, Zhao Ren
META'10 Effect of Symmetry on Optimal Photonic Crystals Design Abstract
Osama R. Bilal, Mohammed A. El-Beltagy, Mahmoud I. Hussein
META'10 New surface plasmon polariton photodetectors based on diffraction gratings with anticorrelated relief Abstract
Sergiy Mamykin
META'10 Pulse Propagation in Silicon Photonic Crystal Slab Waveguides Abstract
Nicolae C. Panoiu, James F McMillan, Chee Wei Wong
META'10 Photonic crystal band structure calculation by modal analysis Abstract
Mahmoud I. Hussein
META'10 Wideband optical invisibility cloaking through homogeneous multilayered dielectric structure Abstract
Yijun feng
META'10 Folded Bands in Metamaterial Photonic Crystals Abstract
Parry Yu Chen
META'10 Analytical Formulation of the Radiation Field of Printed Antennas in the Presence of Artificial Magnetic Superstrates Abstract
Omar M Ramahi, Hussein Attia
META'10 Quantifying the nonlinear susceptibility of metamaterials Abstract
Stéphane Larouche
META'10 A metamaterial based parametric oscillator Abstract
Ekaterina Poutrina, Stephane Larouche, David R. Smith
Majid Rasouli Disfani, Keyvan Vafi, Mohammad Sadegh Abrishamian
META'10 Optical response of a deterministic aperiodic multilayer system Abstract
Xochitl Ines Saldaña-Saldaña
META'10 Manipulation of near field by means of arrays of wires Abstract
Pavel Belov
META'10 Negative Refractive Index with Superconducting Photonic Crystals Abstract
Raymond Ooi
META'10 Analysis of the dynamics of phononic crystals by Bloch mode decomposition Abstract
Mahmoud I. Hussein
META'10 Using metamaterials to create illusions Abstract
Che Ting Chan
META'10 Nonlinear Metamaterial and Plasmonic Structures Abstract
Y. Kivshar
META'10 Disorder in optical metamaterial made of nanospiral of silver Abstract
geraldine renee guida, Bruno Maurice Gallas, Redha Mohamed Abdeddaim, Alain Priou, Kevin Robbie
META'10 Gyroelectric nonlinear control in complex metamaterial structures Abstract
A. Boardman, P. Egan, R. C. Mitchell-Thomas, Y. G. Rapoport
META'10 Artificial Transmission Lines for Metamaterial Applications Abstract
Carlos Camacho-Penalosa, Jaime Esteban, Teresa María Martín-Guerrero, Juan Enrique Page
META'10 Micro and Nano Fabricated Phononic Crystals: Technology and Applications Abstract
Roy Harold Olsson, Mehmet Su, Peter Rakich, Ihab El-Kady
META'10 Strongly dispersive Anderson localization in disordered photonic crystal waveguide Abstract
Pedro David Garcia, Stephan Smolka, Peter Lodahl
META'10 Terahertz Semiconductor Plasmonics Abstract
Jaime Gomez Rivas
META'10 Optical excitation of free electron Fermi gas and its enhancement using surface plasmon Abstract
Kazuma Miyaji, Yu Yen Ling, Takuma Aihara, Kenzo Yamaguchi, Mitsuo Fukuda
Huda A. Majid, Mohamad Kamal A. Rahim
META'10 Concepts for Chipless Metamaterial-based Microwave RFID Transponders Abstract
Christian Mandel, Margarita Puentes, Martin Schüßler, Rolf Jakoby
META'10 Nonlinear and Switchable Photonic Metamaterials Abstract
Nikolay I. Zheludev
META'10 Sub-wavelength transmission resonances in multilayer partially-reflecting surfaces Abstract
Chandra S. R. Kaipa, Alexander B. Yakovlev, Francisco Medina, Francisco Mesa
META'10 Experimental investigation of magnetic circular dichroism spectrum and stress induced optical activity in a single-defect photonic crystal Abstract
viacheslav kotov
META'10 EBG Surfaces with Vias, No-Vias, Connected and Non-Connected Configurations: Understanding the Underlying Physics Abstract
Y. Rahmat-Samii
META'10 Band gap engineering in phononic crystal slabs Abstract
bahram djafari rouhani
META'10 Magneto- and multiferroic photonics and their application to spatial light modulators Abstract
Mitsuteru Inoue
META'10 Recording and retreiving of volume holograms in sputtered magnetic garnet films Abstract
Pang Boey Lim, Sinsuke Sugiura, Shin' Ichiro Mito, Hideyoshi Horimai, Kenjiro Watanabe, Mitsuteru Inoue
META'10 Composite Right/Left-Handed Circular Meta-Waveguide Abstract
Tamer Mostafa Abuelfadl
META'10 Effevtive Control of Spontaneous Emission in 2D Photonic Crystals Abstract
Xuehua Wang
META'10 Anderson localization in disordered dispersive metamaterials Abstract
Dmitri Mogilevtsev, Felipe Arruda de Araujo Pinheiro, Raimundo Rocha dos Santos, Solange Bessa Cavalcanti, Luiz Eduardo Oliveira
META'10 Inverse Transformation Optics and Reflection Analysis for Two- Dimensional Finite Embedded Coordinate Transformation Abstract
Pu Zhang, Yi Jin, Sailing He
META'10 A novel dual-frequency triangular microstrip patch antenna with EBG structures Abstract
Seyyed Ehsan Hosseini, Mahdi Arghiani, Amir Reza Attari
META'10 Surface Plasmon interference at metallic surfaces with sub- defects Abstract
Raul Garcia-Llamas, Jorge Gaspar-Armenta
META'10 The analysis of electromagnetic properties of metamaterials on the basis of a method of the minimal autonomous blocks Abstract
Sergey Maly
META'10 Perfect Optical Metamaterial Absorber Abstract
Jiaming Hao, Jing Wang, Min Qiu
META'10 Acoustic filter based on a coupled resonators in phononic crystal slabs Abstract
Abdelkrim Khelif
META'10 Extraordinary Transmission through Nanostructured Metal-Dielectric thin Slabs Abstract
Guillermo Pablo Ortiz, Luis W Mochán, Bernardo S Mendoza
META'10 Effects of Acoustic Band Gap on Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Microstructured Optical Fiber Abstract
xinzhi sheng, Di Wu, Jian Wang, ying Wang, Chenying Bao
META'10 Enhancing the bandwidth of metamaterial by using inhomogenous magnetic substrate Abstract
Hongsheng Chen
META'10 An investigation on Photonic Crystal Delay Lines for Optical Beam-Forming Networks Abstract
Mostafa Shabani, Mahmood Akbari
META'10 Technological challenges of 1-Dimensional magnetic photonic crystals Abstract
victor koledov
META'10 Design of Controllable Metamaterial using Triangular Split-Ring Abstract
Meenakshi sood
META'10 A "temporal photonic crystal": Optical response of a slab whose dielectric constant varies periodically in time Abstract
Peter Peretz Halevi
META'10 Tunable metamaterials based on an array of ferroelectric SrTiO3 rods for THz applications Abstract
Riad YAHIAOUI, Hynek Nemec, Petr Kužel, Filip Kadlec, Christelle Kadlec, Patrick Mounaix
META'10 Investigation on Novel Embedded Shapes of Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures and Via Effect Abstract
dalia Mohammed Nashaat Elsheakh
META'10 Hybrid plasmonic components: waveguides, couplers and splitters Abstract
Jie Tian, Zhe Ma, Qiang Li, Yi Song, Qing Yang, Limin Tong, Min Qiu
META'10 Towards plasmonic structures with improved performance Abstract
Alexandra Boltasseva, Rasmus B. Nielsen, Paul West, Gururaj Naik, Naresh K. Emani, Satoshi Ishii, Vladimir M. Shalaev
META'10 Microstrip Antenna Improvement With Defected Ground Structure Abstract
mojtaba skandary cheraty
META'10 Sensitivity study of the CRLH Balanced Structures Abstract
Romain Siragusa, Van Hoang Nguyen, Etienne Perret, Pierre Lemaître-Auger, Smaïl Tedjini, Christophe Caloz
META'10 EBG-based Gap Waveguide for Applications up to THz Abstract
Ahmed A Kishk, Per-Simon Kildal, Eva Rajo-Iglesias, Zvonimir Sipus, Sergej Skobelev, Stefano Maci, Alejandro Valero, Alessia Polemi
META'10 Hybrid biosignal-based filters for metamaterials spectral analysis Abstract
Ieva Sliesoraityte, Eugene Fedorov, Ruta Dubakiene, Viktorija Sliesoraitiene
META'10 Theoretical and experimental investigations of easy made fishnet metamaterials at microwave frequencies Abstract
Riad YAHIAOUI, Valérie Vigneras, Patrick Mounaix
META'10 Non radiative energy transfer of quantum dots to plasmonic nanoparticles Abstract
Pierre-Michel Adam
META'10 Light transport in disordered rod-type metamaterials Abstract
didier felbacq, Kevin vynck, Brahim Guizal
META'10 Transeverse photo-voltage induced by circularly polarized light Abstract
Teruya Ishihara
META'10 Analytical methods for AMC and EBG characterisations Abstract
Michaël Grelier, Fabrice Linot, Anne Claire Lepage, Xavier Begaud, Michel Soiron, Jean Marc LeMener
META'10 Fano Resonances and Collective Effects in Metamaterials Abstract
Nikitas Papasimakis, Vassili Fedotov, Nikolay Zheludev
META'10 Highly birefringent photonic crystal fibers and its applications Abstract
Maxim Ryabko
META'10 Getting Even with Reciprocity Abstract
Alain Bossavit
META'10 Elastic waves in metamaterials Abstract
Roman Popov, Ivan Lisenkov, Sergey Nikitov
META'10 Capacity Sensor for Belt Conveyor Systems Based on Planar Metamaterials Abstract
Margarita Puentes Vargas, Martin Schüßler, Christian Damm, Andreas Penirschke, Rolf Jakoby
META'10 Wide-angle, broadband and polarization-insensitive thin absorber Abstract
Yi Jin
META'10 Resonance transmittance in metamaterials made of stacked arrays of dogbone shaped conductor pairs Abstract
Alex Schuchinsky
META'10 Design and fabrication of modulable metamaterial stacks Abstract
Denis Garoli, Giuseppe Parisi, Marco Natali, Filippo Romanato
META'10 Compact cavity resonators using high impedance surfaces Abstract
Dragos Dancila, Xavier Rottenberg, Harrie A.C. Tilmans, Walter de Raedt, Isabelle Huynen
META'10 Performance improvement of inverted L antenna with metamaterials Abstract
Amir Hossein Amin Beidokhti
META'10 Multiband Small Zeroth-Order Metamaterial Antenna Abstract
META'10 Analysis of Dispersion Properties of Waveguide Based on Metamaterials Abstract
META'10 Towards Experimental Realization of DB Metamaterial Layer Abstract
S. Hrabar, D. Zaluski, D. Muha, Boris Okorn
META'10 A Dual Band Thin Surface Wave Antenna using a Via-less EBG Structure for On-Body Communication Systems Abstract
Rami Khouri, Philippe Ratajczak, Patrice Brachat, Robert Staraj
META'10 Optical absorption and SHG in PMMA and SiO2-matrices doped with DO3 Abstract
Jorge A Garcia-Macedo, Alfredo Franco, Guadalupe Valverde-Aguilar, Laura Romero
META'10 Magnetism from dielectric rings: a new view on dielectric metamaterials Abstract
R. Marques
META'10 Anisotropy of hybrid mode admittance Abstract
Alexander Mikhailovich Merzlikin, Alexey Petrovich Vinogradov, Andrey Nikolaevich Lagarkov, Miguel Levy, David J. Bergman, Yakov M. Strelniker
META'10 Acoustic meta-materials in MEMS bar resonators Abstract
Xavier Rottenberg, Roelof Jansen, Chris Van Hoof, Harrie Tilmans
META'10 Angle dependent transmission of ceramic based inverse opal Abstract
Hooi Sing Lee
META'10 Design of waveguides with Left-handed materials Abstract
mondher labidi
META'10 Self-organised eutectic structures - metamaterials interface Abstract
Dorota Anna Pawlak
META'10 Surface Electromagnetic Waves, Enhanced Light Scattering and Babinet Metamaterials Abstract
Willie Padilla
META'10 Plasmonic Add/Drop Filter based on Asymmetrical Ring Resonators Abstract
Mohsen Bahrami Panah
META'10 Design, Simulation and Characterization of THz Metamaterials Abstract
Willie Padilla
META'10 Using EBG Ground Plane for Improving Radiation in Low Profile Dipole Antenna Abstract
Masoome Rezaei Abkenar, Pejman Rezaei, Razieh Narimani
META'10 Photoconductivity studies on amorphous and crystalline TiO2 films doped with gold nanoparticles Abstract
Guadalupe Valverde-Aguilar, Jorge A Garcia-Macedo, Pablo Galván-Ramírez
META'10 Terahertz Plasmonic Waves Launchers and Metamaterials Abstract
T. Akalin
META'10 Wideband quasi-EBG reflector’s antenna for low profile applications Abstract
Michaël Grelier, Michel Jousset, Stéphane Mallégol, Anne Claire Lepage, Xavier Begaud, Jean Marc LeMener
META'10 Differential Transmission Line Sensor Based on Metamaterials Abstract
Christian Damm, Martin Schüßler, Margarita Puentes, Holger Maune, Matthias Maasch, Rolf Jakoby
META'10 Enhancing the bandwidth of coaxial aperture arrays in the radar frequencies Abstract
Samuel NOSAL, Paul Soudais, Jean-Jacques Greffet
META'10 Locally increased inverse Faraday effect in plasmonic structures Abstract
Vladimir I Belotelov
META'10 Analytical theory of effective global cloaking processes: Abstract
Taner Sengor
META'10 Numerical Analysis of Band-Gap Crystals for THz Transmission Abstract
Elif Degirmenci, Pascal Landais
META'10 Gain-assisted plasmonic particles for metamaterial applications Abstract
Alessandro VELTRI, Ashod ARADIAN
META'10 Microwave Frequency Selection by Active Plasma Photonic Crystal Abstract
Max Chung, Shiaw Hwei Chen
META'10 Non-Foster Active Transmission Line with Nearly Dispersionless ENZ Behavior Abstract
S. Hrabar, I. Krois, A. Kiricenko, I. Bonic
META'10 Matematerials for microwave and millimeter wave frequency range based on ferromagnetic metal-dielectric composite Abstract
Vjacheslav Vjacheslavovich Meriakri, Svetlana Vjacheslavovna von Gratowski, Mikchail Pavlovich Parkchomenko, Sergey Alexxevich Baranov
META'10 Terahertz, double-negative metamaterial from arrays of TiO2 spheres and other materials Abstract
META'10 Distance Dependent Back Coupling Efficiency between Chromophores and Surface Plasmon Polaritons on Embossed Gratings. Abstract
Amal Kasry
META'10 Nanoscale plasmonic waveguides with cavities for filtering and demultiplexing of the telecommunication and visible wavelengths Abstract
bahram djafari rouhani
META'10 Sensitivity considerations on plasmonic nanostructures coated with thin oxide films: Experimental and theoretical considerations Abstract
bahram djafari rouhani
META'10 Phase-locked ring-defect photonic crystal vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser Abstract
wanhua zheng
META'10 The design of electrically driven Fabry-Pérot cavity integrated photonic crystal surface emitting laser Abstract
wenjun zhou
META'10 Threshold-free Cerenkov radiation in metallic metamaterials Abstract
Jin-Kyu So
META'10 Tuning of DNG Metamaterial Superstrate for Small and beam steering Antenna Abstract
hafid griguer
META'10 Eigenmode and Array-Scanning Approaches for the Analysis of Wide-Band Metamaterials Abstract
Nilufer Aslihan Ozdemir, Xavier Radu, Rosa Mateos, Christophe Craeye
META'10 On the Nature of Electromagnetic Interactions at the Nanoscale Abstract
Said Mikki
META'10 Probing the Magnetic Field of Light at Optical Frequencies Abstract
L. L. (Kobus) Kuipers
META'10 Nonlinear photonics At the Nanoscale Abstract
C. Sibilia
META'10 Coupled Line Directional Coupler Improvement With Split Ring Resonator Defected Ground Structure Abstract
mojtaba skandary cheraty
META'10 Mapping nanoscale optical fields with single-photon sensitivity Abstract
David Bitauld, Francesco Marsili, Alessandro Gaggero, Francesco Mattioli, Roberto Leoni, Saedeeh Jahanmiri Nejad, Andrea Fiore
META'10 Single-layer metal nanolenses with tight foci in far-field Abstract
Piotr Wróbel, Tomasz J. Antosiewicz, Jacek Pniewski, T. Szoplik
META'10 Sub-wavelength diffraction-free imaging in low-loss metal-dielectric multilayers Abstract
Rafal Kotynski
META'10 Directed Self-Assembly of Quantum Dots in Photonic Crystal Ridges Abstract
Khaled Mnaymneh
META'10 Some left handed structures for microwave devices Abstract
Iulia Andreea Mocanu, Marian Gabriel Banciu, Nicolae Militaru, George Lojewski, Teodor Petrescu
META'10 The medium is not always the message Abstract
Ari Sihvola
META'10 A single-layer broad-angle negative-index metamaterial for the visible Abstract
Rene de Waele, Stanley P Burgos, Harry A. Atwater, Albert Polman
META'10 Advanced Concepts for Negative-Index Metamaterials and Nano-Antennas Abstract
Amir I Zaghloul, Steven J Weiss, William O Coburn, Youn Lee, Steven D Keller
META'10 Thin-film polarizer made of heterogeneous medium Abstract
Sergey Gennadyevich Moiseev
META'10 Monolithic excitation and manipulation of surface plasmon polaritons on a vertical cavity surface emitting laser Abstract
Jean-Michel Lamy, John Justice, Gaëtan Lévêque, Brian Corbett
META'10 All-Angle Polarization-Insensitive Infrared Absorbers for Detectors and Energy Harvesting Abstract
David W. Peters
META'10 3-D Metamaterial Fabrication Using Membrane Projection Lithography Abstract
Bruce Burckel, Greg A Ten Eyck, Joel R Wendt, Igal Brener, A.Rob Ellis, Brandon S Passmore, Eric A Shaner, Michael B Sinclair
META'10 Near-field electromagnetic effects in thermal radiative transfer and dispersion forces between closely spaced objects Abstract
Arvind Narayanaswamy
META'10 Phononic crystal sensors Abstract
Mihail Marinos Sigalas
META'10 Fabrication of 2-D Phononic Crystals Using Focused Ion Beams Abstract
Zayd Leseman
META'10 Lasing in Selfassembled Photonic Crystals and Glasses Abstract
Cefe López
META'10 Synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic characterization of the novel discret dinuclear complex Abstract
Fatema Zohra Chiboub Fellah
META'10 Metamaterials: Some challenges ahead Abstract
Eleftherios N Economou
META'10 3D Chiral Photonic Crystals and Metamaterials Abstract
M. Wegener
META'10 Planar terahertz guided-wave devices using plasmonic metamaterials Abstract
Ajay Nahata
META'10 Subwavelength confinement of Sommerfeld waves on tapered wire waveguides Abstract
Daniel Mittleman
META'10 Transforming Light with Metamaterials Abstract
V. Shalaev
META'10 Contribution of surface phonon polaritons to radiative heat Abstract
Jean-Jacques Greffet
META'10 Manipulation of Photons by Photonic Crystals — Recent Progress and New Trends — Abstract
S. Noda
META'10 Fabrication of membranes for extraordinary optical transmission Abstract
gabriele zacco, Tommaso Ongarello, Gianluca Ruffato, Denis Garoli, H.K. Kang, Mauro Prasciolu, Marco Natali, filippo romanato
META'10 Designing optical negative index and negative permeability metamaterials Abstract
Maria Kafesaki, Raluca Penciu, Thomas Koschny, Eleftherios N. Economou, Costas Soukoulis
META'10 Cloaking with simple metal structures Abstract
S. Tretyakov
META'10 Time-reversal in metamaterials Abstract
M. Fink
META'10 Theory and simulations of meta-materials Abstract
Shanhui Fan
META'10 Multipole Approach in Electrodynamics of Metamaterials Abstract
Arkadi Chipouline
META'10 Spontaneous emission control in the visible using TiO2 3D logpile photonic crystal structures Abstract
Arthur Fischer
META'10 Managing Thermal Emission: Phonon/Photon Coupling Using Nanostructures Abstract
Shanalyn A. Kemme, Alvaro A. Cruz-Cabrera, David A. Scrymgeour, David W. Peters, A. Robert Ellis, Tony R. Carter, Sally Samora
META'10 Multilayer based interferential-plasmonic structure: metal cluster 3D grating combined with antireflective coating Abstract
Vesna Janicki, Jordi Sancho-Parramon, Hrvoje Zorc
META'10 Composite medium with silver nanoparticles as single-layer low-reflection interference coating Abstract
Sergey Gennadyevich Moiseev, Sergey Viktorovich Vinogradov
META'10 120 Degree Sharp Bend in Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystals Abstract
Neslihan Eti
META'10 Enhanced light-matter interaction in slow light photonic crystals Abstract
Thomas Krauss
META'10 Optical and structural properties of Au-Ag islands films for plasmonic applications Abstract
Jordi Sancho-Parramon, Vesna Janicki, Martin Lončarić, Hrvoje Zorc, Pavo Dubček, Sigrid Bernstorff
META'10 Linear and nonlinear elements in metactronics Abstract
N. Engheta
META'10 Energy band gaps and Electronic structure calculations for ZnSexTe1-x alloys semiconductors Abstract
Mezrag Fadila, Bouarissa Nadir
META'10 Electromagnetic characterization of graphene and graphene based nanostructures Abstract
Yury Efremovich Lozovik
META'10 Homogenization of the susceptibility kernel for bianisotropic media Abstract
Mohamed Hicham Belyamoun
META'10 Plasmonic Photo-catalytic Chemical Reactor Abstract
D. P. Tsai
META'10 Compact High-Q Phononic Crystal Micro-Mechanical Resonators for Wireless Communications and Sensing Applications Abstract
Ali Adibi, Saeed Mohammadi, Ali Asghar Eftekhar, Abdelkrim Khelif
META'10 A novel printed planar antenna using split ring resonator Abstract
Otman El Mrabet
META'10 Spectral characterization of photonic crystal fibers fundamental mode for supercontinuum light generation in femtosecond regime Abstract
Jean-Pierre SEGAUD
META'10 Enhanced magnetization and excellent polarization in Bi5FeTi3O15 thin films modified by cobalt ions Abstract
xiao-bing chen
META'10 Optical multistability in 1D nonlinear photonic crystal structure Abstract
Erik Lotfi, Kazem Jamshidi-Ghaleh, Fatemeh Moslemi, Hossein Masalehdan
META'10 Continuously shaping the morphology of metallic colloids in a periodic format Abstract
Zhen-Lin Wang
META'10 Half-wavelength Metamaterial Stepped Impedance Resonator (SIR) Abstract
Shokrollah Karimian
META'10 Frequency-dependent homogenization of split-ring arrays Abstract
Mohamed Hicham Belyamoun, Alain Bossavit, Said Zouhdi
META'10 Applied Metamaterials for Defense Abstract
Augustine Urbas
META'10 Design of waveguides with Left-handed materials Abstract
mondher labidi
META'10 Strong Purcell enhancement of emission from close-packed colloidal quantum-dots in a photonic crystal microcavity Abstract
Luk S Luk, Weng W. Chow, Shisheng Xiong, Bernardo G. Farfan, Ihab El-Kady, Xiaoyu Miao, Paul Resnick, Mehmet F Su, Ganesh Subramania, Mahmoud R Taha, Jeffrey C Brinker
META'10 Calculation of Surface Impedance for High Impedance Surfaces Abstract
yu zhu, ZOUHDI Said
META'10 Photonic Crystal Based High Efficiency Multispectral Thermal Emitters for Thermo-Photovoltaics Abstract
Mehmet Fatih Su, Gonzalo Bernardo Farfan, Roshan Ram Rammohan, Mahmoud Reda Taha, Ting Shan Luk, Ihab El-Kady
META'10 Nano-antennas and single molecules: control at the nanoscale Abstract
Daan Brinks, Marta Castro Lopez, Alberto Gonzalez Curto, Tim Hugo Taminiau, Niek F van Hulst
META'10 Challenges and applications for 2D and 3D IR metamaterials Abstract
Frederick B Mccormick
META'10 Phase and amplitude resolved characterization of IR metamaterials and metamaterial-based modulators Abstract
Igal Brener
META'10 Optical Waveguide Sensors Using Double Negativity Guiding Layer Abstract
Sofyan A. Taya, Hala Jarallah EL-Khozondar, Mohammed M. Shabat, Emad M. Mehjez
META'10 Slow Light Propagation through Longitudinally Extending Metamaterial Waveguides Abstract
Kyoung-Youm Kim
META'10 General formulation of permittivity tensor for minimal backscattering from uniaxial anisotropic spheres Abstract
Huizhe Liu, Joshua, Le-Wei Li, Saïd Zouhdi, Mook Seng Leong
META'10 A conformal cylindrical metamaterial antenna array Abstract
Ke Xiao, Le-Wei Li, Junjie Mao
META'10 Metamaterials for the Thermal Infrared Abstract
Michael B Sinclair
META'10 Metamaterial Microstrip Antennas and Arrays Abstract
L.-W. Li
META'10 Field absorption, rotation and squeezing with electromagnetic metamaterials Abstract
S. He
META'10 Scattering by a nihility elliptic cylinder Abstract
Mousa I Mihussein, Abdul-Kadir Hamid
META'10 Novel magnetic properties of metamaterials LH devices Abstract
Mahmoud A Abdalla, Zhirun Hu
META'10 Excitation of Linear and Nonlinear Cavity Modes upon Interaction of Femtosecond Pulses with Arrays of Metallic Nanowires Abstract
Claudiu Gheorghe Biris
META'10 Investigation of backward-wave propagation on LHM Split Ring Resonators Abstract
hakeim talleb
META'10 Analytical Theory of Effective Global Cloaking Processes: Abstract
Taner Sengor
META'10 Nonlinear and Adiabatic Control of Light by Photonic Crystals Abstract
M. Notomi
META'10 Reducing the losses in photonic metamaterials Abstract
C. Soukoulis
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