META Conference, META'10

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Scalable cylindrical metallodielectric metamaterials
Nick Gibbons, Jeremy Baumberg, Fumin Huang, Mathias Kolle, Ullrich Steiner

Last modified: 2009-11-04


We report a new approach for scalable manufacturing of MetaMaterials fabricated through floating and rolling-up flexible metallodielectric stacks. This process offers an efficient fabrication route for multi-layer structures, improving the uniformity and enabling unusual structural configurations. Probing example metallic Bragg structures spectroscopically shows good agreement with transfer matrix simulations, demonstrating strong reflection and transmission resonances within the visible. These resonances arise from the Bragg nature of the multi-layer:  at specific resonant frequencies the optical field of the light tunnels through the metal with a hundred-fold reduction in loss. Such structures have unusual nonlinear optical properties and many applications in sub-wavelength focusing and metamaterial activity.