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1) Keynote Lectures (Invited)

Metamaterial-inspired Engineering of Radiating and Scattering Systems
Richard W. Ziolkowski
Homogenization of metamaterials: bulk properties and boundary conditions
Alexey Vinogradov, Alexander Merzlikin, Constantine Simovsky, Sergey Tretyakov, Said Zouhdi
Plasmonic metamaterials based on metallic nanorod ararys
Anatoly V Zayats
Nonlinear and Switchable Photonic Metamaterials
Nikolay I. Zheludev

2) General Papers

Pattern formation, dissipative localized structures and spectral narrowing of amplified surface plasmons near the lasing threshold
Andrey Gorbach, Dmitry Skryabin, Andrea Marini, Anatoly Zayats
Near-field optical microscopy on oxide-based perfect lenses
Susanne C. Kehr, Yongmin M. Liu, Lane W. Martin, Xiang Zhang, Lukas M. Eng, Ramamoorthy Ramesh
Invisibility and illusion with superlenses
André Nicolet, Frédéric Zolla
Towards Experimental Realization of DB Metamaterial Layer
S. Hrabar, D. Zaluski, D. Muha, Boris Okorn
Application of the McCutchen theorem to image-forming metamaterial slabs
Carlos Javier Zapata-Rodriguez, Juan Jose Miret
Optical characterization of smooth Ag film by germanium-assisted deposition
Hong Liu, Eunice Sok Ping Leong, Yun Zong, Guangyuan Si, Jinghua Teng, Stephan A. Maier
Subwavelength nondiffractting beams in multilayered media
Carlos Javier Zapata-Rodriguez
Optical and structural properties of Au-Ag islands films for plasmonic applications
Jordi Sancho-Parramon, Vesna Janicki, Martin Lončarić, Hrvoje Zorc, Pavo Dubček, Sigrid Bernstorff
Multilayer based interferential-plasmonic structure: metal cluster 3D grating combined with antireflective coating
Vesna Janicki, Jordi Sancho-Parramon, Hrvoje Zorc
General formulation of permittivity tensor for minimal backscattering from uniaxial anisotropic spheres
Huizhe Liu, Joshua, Le-Wei Li, Saïd Zouhdi, Mook Seng Leong

5) Active Photonic Crystal Systems: Engineering the Thermal Emision and Radiative Relaxation in Quantum Dots; I. El-Kady

Phase-locked ring-defect photonic crystal vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser
wanhua zheng
The design of electrically driven Fabry-Pérot cavity integrated photonic crystal surface emitting laser
wenjun zhou
Polarized InGaN light-emitting diodes by sub-wavelength metallic nanograting
Liang Zhang
Photonic crystals created by the imaginary part of refractive index
Yikun Liu, Bing Liang, Juntao Li, Peiqing Zhang, JianYing Zhou, Sergey O Klimonsky, Alexander Slesarev, Yuri D Tretyakov, Liam O’Faolain, Thomas F Krauss

8) Coherent Phenomena in Plasmonics and Metamaterials; S. Maier

Fano Resonances and Collective Effects in Metamaterials
Nikitas Papasimakis, Vassili Fedotov, Nikolay Zheludev

9) Applications of Metamaterial Concepts to Microwave Engineering; F. Martin

Metamaterial-inspired Engineering of Antenna Systems
Richard W. Ziolkowski, Peng Jin, Chia-Ching Lin
Advanced Passive Microwave Devices Based on Metamaterial Transmission Lines
Dmitry Kholodnyak, Polina Kapitanova, Irina Munina, Kirill Zemlyakov, Vyacheslav Turgaliev, Irina Vendik
Advanced Concepts for Negative-Index Metamaterials and Nano-Antennas
Amir I Zaghloul, Steven J Weiss, William O Coburn, Youn Lee, Steven D Keller

10) Theoretical and Experimental Characterization of Electromagnetic Properties of Metamaterials; A. Vinogradov

Probing surface-plasmon modes in noble metal nanoparticles using an electron beam
Viktor Myroshnychenko, Jaysen Nelayah, Mathieu Kociak, Odile Stéphan, Christian Colliex, Giorgio Adamo, Kevin MacDonald, Nikolay I. Zheludev, Jessica Rodríguez-Fernandez, Enrique Carbó-Argibay, Isabel Pastoriza-Santos, Jorge Pérez-Juste, Luis M. Liz-Marzán, Javier F. García de Abajo
Frequency-dependent homogenization of split-ring arrays
Mohamed Hicham Belyamoun, Alain Bossavit, Said Zouhdi
Calculation of Surface Impedance for High Impedance Surfaces
yu zhu, ZOUHDI Said

12) Interesting phenomena and applications of metamaterials and plasmonics; S. He

Active Coated Nano-Particles: Impact of Plasmonic Material Choice
Samel Arslanagic, Richard W. Ziolkowski
Inverse Transformation Optics and Reflection Analysis for Two- Dimensional Finite Embedded Coordinate Transformation
Pu Zhang, Yi Jin, Sailing He
Fabrication of membranes for extraordinary optical transmission
gabriele zacco, Tommaso Ongarello, Gianluca Ruffato, Denis Garoli, H.K. Kang, Mauro Prasciolu, Marco Natali, filippo romanato

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