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2) General Papers

Frequency-domain simulations of a negative-index material with embedded gain
Yonatan Sivan, Shumin Xiao, Uday Chettiar, Alexander V Kildishev, Vladimir M Shalaev
Surface plasmon enhanced emission from InGaAs quantum wells by nano-patterned metal dots
Ning Xiang

5) Active Photonic Crystal Systems: Engineering the Thermal Emision and Radiative Relaxation in Quantum Dots; I. El-Kady

Strong Purcell enhancement of emission from close-packed colloidal quantum-dots in a photonic crystal microcavity
Luk S Luk, Weng W. Chow, Shisheng Xiong, Bernardo G. Farfan, Ihab El-Kady, Xiaoyu Miao, Paul Resnick, Mehmet F Su, Ganesh Subramania, Mahmoud R Taha, Jeffrey C Brinker

9) Applications of Metamaterial Concepts to Microwave Engineering; F. Martin

A conformal cylindrical metamaterial antenna array
Ke Xiao, Le-Wei Li, Junjie Mao

12) Interesting phenomena and applications of metamaterials and plasmonics; S. He

Photorealistic depictions of Maxwell’s Fish Eye and other gradient index metamaterials-based objects
Aaron J. Danner, Ning Xiang

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