Presentations and Authors

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1) Keynote Lectures (Invited)

Progress on CRLH Metamaterials Based on Dielectric Resonators
Tatsuo Itoh, Tetsuya Ueda
Applied Metamaterials for Defense
Augustine Urbas

8) Coherent Phenomena in Plasmonics and Metamaterials; S. Maier

Coherent processes in 3D optical metamaterials and metallic photonic crystals
Harald Giessen, Na Liu, Tobias Utikal, Michael Geiselmann, Markus Lippitz

9) Applications of Metamaterial Concepts to Microwave Engineering; F. Martin

Planar Superstrate for Dual-frequency RHCP-LHCP Array
Eduardo Ugarte-Muñoz, Francisco Javier Herraiz-Martínez, Javier Montero-de-Paz, Luis Enrique García-Muñoz, Daniel Segovia-Vargas

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