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1) Keynote Lectures (Invited)

Gyroelectric nonlinear control in complex metamaterial structures
A. Boardman, P. Egan, R. C. Mitchell-Thomas, Y. G. Rapoport
Linear and nonlinear elements in metactronics
N. Engheta

2) General Papers

Thin-film sensing using circular split-ring resonators at mm-wave frequencies
Amna Elhawil, Johan Stiens, Cathleen De Tandt, Willy Ranson, Roger Vounckx
Antennas and Filters Based on EBG with Hollow Defects
Irina Khromova, Ramón Gonzalo, Iñigo Ederra, Karu Esselle
Babinet’s principle and the dispersion of surface waves on complementary patterned metal arrays
James David Edmunds, Melita Clare Taylor, Alastair Paul Hibbins, John Roy Sambles, Ian J Youngs
Near-field optical microscopy on oxide-based perfect lenses
Susanne C. Kehr, Yongmin M. Liu, Lane W. Martin, Xiang Zhang, Lukas M. Eng, Ramamoorthy Ramesh
Investigation on Novel Embedded Shapes of Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures and Via Effect
dalia Mohammed Nashaat Elsheakh
Finite element modeling of an acoustic cloak for three dimensional flexible shells with structural excitation
Wael Akl, Tamer Elnady, Adel Elsabbagh, Mostafa Ramadan
Programmable density for arbitrary shaped one dimensional acoustic metamaterials
Wael Akl, Adel Elsabbagh, Amr Baz
Effect of Symmetry on Optimal Photonic Crystals Design
Osama R. Bilal, Mohammed A. El-Beltagy, Mahmoud I. Hussein
120 Degree Sharp Bend in Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystals
Neslihan Eti

3) Analytical methods in theoretical description of metamaterials & plasmonics; A. Chipouline, A. Sarychev, I. Gabitov

Analysis of a Periodically Loaded Transmission Line with Position-Modulated Loads
Enas S. Sakr, Islam A. Eshrah

4) Phononic Crystals and Metamaterials; I. El-Kady

Micro and Nano Fabricated Phononic Crystals: Technology and Applications
Roy Harold Olsson, Mehmet Su, Peter Rakich, Ihab El-Kady
Compact High-Q Phononic Crystal Micro-Mechanical Resonators for Wireless Communications and Sensing Applications
Ali Adibi, Saeed Mohammadi, Ali Asghar Eftekhar, Abdelkrim Khelif

5) Active Photonic Crystal Systems: Engineering the Thermal Emision and Radiative Relaxation in Quantum Dots; I. El-Kady

Enhanced quantum dot emission in a unidirectional photonic crystal waveguide
Samuel James Dewhurst, Daniel Granados, David J P Ellis, Anthony J Bennett, Raj B Patel, Ian Farrer, David Anderson, Geb A C Jones, David A Ritchie, Andrew J Shields
Strong Purcell enhancement of emission from close-packed colloidal quantum-dots in a photonic crystal microcavity
Luk S Luk, Weng W. Chow, Shisheng Xiong, Bernardo G. Farfan, Ihab El-Kady, Xiaoyu Miao, Paul Resnick, Mehmet F Su, Ganesh Subramania, Mahmoud R Taha, Jeffrey C Brinker
Photonic Crystal Based High Efficiency Multispectral Thermal Emitters for Thermo-Photovoltaics
Mehmet Fatih Su, Gonzalo Bernardo Farfan, Roshan Ram Rammohan, Mahmoud Reda Taha, Ting Shan Luk, Ihab El-Kady

6) Metamaterial Applications: Devices for the Real World; I. El-Kady

CSRR configurations in Stripline Technology
Jesus Illescas, Aritz Estevez, Antonio marcotegui, Miguel Beruete, Miguel Navarro, Francisco Falcone
Managing Thermal Emission: Phonon/Photon Coupling Using Nanostructures
Shanalyn A. Kemme, Alvaro A. Cruz-Cabrera, David A. Scrymgeour, David W. Peters, A. Robert Ellis, Tony R. Carter, Sally Samora
Optical Waveguide Sensors Using Double Negativity Guiding Layer
Sofyan A. Taya, Hala Jarallah EL-Khozondar, Mohammed M. Shabat, Emad M. Mehjez

7) Design Methodology and Fabrication Concepts for 3D IR to Visible Metamaterials; I. El-Kady

3-D Metamaterial Fabrication Using Membrane Projection Lithography
Bruce Burckel, Greg A Ten Eyck, Joel R Wendt, Igal Brener, A.Rob Ellis, Brandon S Passmore, Eric A Shaner, Michael B Sinclair
Metamaterials: Some challenges ahead
Eleftherios N Economou
Designing optical negative index and negative permeability metamaterials
Maria Kafesaki, Raluca Penciu, Thomas Koschny, Eleftherios N. Economou, Costas Soukoulis

9) Applications of Metamaterial Concepts to Microwave Engineering; F. Martin

Artificial Transmission Lines for Metamaterial Applications
Carlos Camacho-Penalosa, Jaime Esteban, Teresa María Martín-Guerrero, Juan Enrique Page
A novel printed planar antenna using split ring resonator
Otman El Mrabet

10) Theoretical and Experimental Characterization of Electromagnetic Properties of Metamaterials; A. Vinogradov

Anisotropic disorder in optical metamaterials
Christian Helgert, Carsten Rockstuhl, Benny Walther, Arkadi Chipouline, Christoph Etrich, Ernst-Bernhard Kley, Falk Lederer, Thomas Pertsch

11) Wideband Applications of Metamaterials; X. Begaud

Numerical analysis of 2D tunable HIS on GaAs support
Ladislau Matekovits, Michael Heimlich, Karu Esselle

12) Interesting phenomena and applications of metamaterials and plasmonics; S. He

Plasmonic sensing of surface phonon-polaritons
Frank Neubrech, Annemarie Pucci, Daniel Weber, Jörg Bochterle, Dominik Enders, Tadaaki Nagao
Metal nanoparticle mediated super-resolution in light-matter interaction
Lukas M. Eng

13) THz and Optical Plasmonic Waveguides and Antennas; T. Akalin

Towards plasmonic structures with improved performance
Alexandra Boltasseva, Rasmus B. Nielsen, Paul West, Gururaj Naik, Naresh K. Emani, Satoshi Ishii, Vladimir M. Shalaev

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