META Conference, META'10

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Design and Fabrication of a Midinfrared Photonic Crystal Defect Cavity in Indium Antimonide
Martin Cryan, Jon Pugh, Daniel Y-L Ho, Peter J Heard, Geoff Nash, Tim Ashley, John Rarity

Last modified: 2009-11-03


This paper discusses the design and optimisation of a two-dimensional photonic crystal membrane defect cavity for use as a laser in gas sensing and communications applications in the 3-4µm wavelength range. The design is based on a modified L3 cavity in an aluminium-indium-gallium-antimonide membrane structure which contains two strained quantum wells.  A detailed study of Q factor for different thicknesses and hole positions is carried out and peak emission is predicted at a wavelength of 3.372µm with a Q factor of 26233 for an optimised membrane thickness of 1000nm. A focused ion beam procedure is described for creating the membrane directly in a Fabry-Perot laser structure. A  membrane is fabricated and the photonic crystal pattern is etched into the membrane.