META Conference, META'10

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Differential Transmission Line Sensor Based on Metamaterials
Christian Damm, Martin Schüßler, Margarita Puentes, Holger Maune, Matthias Maasch, Rolf Jakoby

Last modified: 2009-10-26


This contribution presents a transmission line sensor based on a composite right/left-handed transmission line structure. The sensor features an easy evaluation of the output power by using a differential approach instead of a more difficult direct phase measurement which is commonly used for the class of transmission line sensors. A build prototype operated at 2.3GHz with a high dynamic range of 60dB in the output power variation due to environmental changes is presented. It is realized in a planar microstrip environment on a standard RF soft substrate. Due to its planarity, its cheap standard PC board production and its high sensitivity it seems well suited for biomedical and environmental sensing tasks.