META Conference, META'10

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Effect of Symmetry on Optimal Photonic Crystals Design
Osama R. Bilal, Mohammed A. El-Beltagy, Mahmoud I. Hussein

Last modified: 2009-11-03


Through topology optimization, the configuration of a photonic crystal unit cell can be designed to specification. In many applications, it is desired to have photonic crystals with as large a band gap as possible. In this paper we utilize genetic algorithms towards the problem of unit cell optimization for maximum band gap; we consider the first, second and third band gaps in separate calculations. In particular we examine the effects of the degree of symmetry, imposed a priori on the unit cell configuration, on the band gap size and on the emerging optimal designs. We consider 2D models for both TE and TM polarizations. The results show that the type of symmetry constraint has a significant effect on the unit cell design and band gap size.