META Conference, META'10

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Near-field Subsurface Detection using Metamaterial Inspired Probes
Omar M Ramahi, Muhammed Boybay, Zhao Ren

Last modified: 2009-11-06


Recently, we showed that single negative media can significantly enhance the sensitivity of near-field probes. Inspired by this recent finding, we propose a new near-field probe that uses only one single split ring resonator instead of a periodic arrangement of these resonators. We show through numerical simulations that the new proposed probe lead to significant enhancement in the sensitivity as measured by the change in phase in the reflection coefficient. Experimental tests were conducted to detect the presence of cracks in aluminum plate, the presence of a small aluminum block located behind a layer of ground chicken (lossy medium), and the presence of a small aluminum block submerged in saline water (lossy medium) whose salinity is 1%. Preliminary results show that the new proposed near-field probe enables successful detection that would have been otherwise impossible using classical near-field probes.